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Name: Jessica


I have been a practice member since: Dec 2017


This is my story: I’ve had scoliosis since I was young, and a few years ago I was in a car accident that impacted my lower back. Since I started my treatments I’ve been sleeping better, and rarely experience pain in my back.



Name: Ann Lim


I have been a practice member since: Nov 2017


This is my story: I’ve always had bad stiff neck, and severe tightness in the shoulders, where even massage doesn’t help. On some days I would wake up with stiffness so bad in the neck, I couldn’t even turn my head. However, since I started Chiropractic care, I never had those issues again. In addition, I can go deeper into my backbends at yoga practices, which is a big big perk! Thank you Absolute Chiropractic!



Name: Des


I have been a practice member since: Nov 2017


This is my story: Recurring right back pain! After some scans and bloodwork during the specialist visit, it has been revealed that my kidney and nearby organs are normal. Thus I can’t think no reason to try chiro! Thanks Absolute Chiropractic, it really helps!



Name: Henry Ong


I have been a practice member since: 24/08/2017


This is my story: I’ve always been suffering from chronic neck pains and frozen shoulders, too many hours on the PC, bad sitting posture. TCM and acupuncture treatments was my go to option for the temporary pain relief. The pain only got worse, and I even started to feel dizzy with tingling sensation from my forearm all the way to my fingers. That started my chiro journey. I was properly diagnosed after taking a X-ray, and under the wonderful care of Absolute Chiropractic, I learnt more about my condition, and traction exercises that helped me with the pain. Starting with 3 sessions a week, the pain eventually went away and my posture was corrected slowly but surely. The challenge was to stay committed to the treatment schedule and performing the recommended exercises at home. I have not looked back since I started my Chiropractic journey. Thank you for your attentive care and support Absolute Chiropractic!


Name: Joanne Chan


I have been a practice member since: Nov 2017


This is my story: I sought Chiropractic care from Absolute Chiropractic due to a recommendation from a colleague. I had been suffering from lower back and neck pain/stiffness due to the nature of my job and also my exercise routine. After seeking Chiropractic care, I’ve not only gained knowledge about how my misaligned hips were causing me pain, The Dr’s have helped me manage my back pain. I’ve also found myself to be more aware of my posture etc. Only advice I would give to people who are new is to be consistent in your visits, haha.



Name: Roxanne Lim


I have been a practice member since: Nov 2017


This is my story: So I always experience shoulder ache, back ache, especially nearing my menstrual cycle (which have been happening from I was secondary 1). I happen to check out Absolute Chiropractic during the “Mind Body” fair back in October and had a brief checkup, after which I booked for a consultation. The Doctors there were kind and took time to explain my results and carefully plan my program. At the beginning of 2018 I stopped feeling those back ache and I was able to do more back bend in yoga, as compared to before. And I am grateful to Absolute Chiropractic for this improvement. For those who have not been to chiro care before, just give it a try and you never know where it would take you!



Name: Mohamad Anuar Bin Latiff


I have been a practice member since: July 2015


This is my story: I have been having back problem for a very long time. I have tried quite a number of ways to reduce the pain or to eliminate the pain, until my wife suggested Chiropractic. I was skeptical about it but decided to give it a try anyway. Since first time I went there, until now, the team at Absolute have been very welcoming. The Dr’s have helped me in various ways, to understand my back pain. They explained the different phases that I would have to go through in order to solve my back problem. The work they have put in, has helped me reduce the pain and eventually correct my back posture. I would recommend anyone having problem, to seek help with Absolute Chiropractic. They will make you understand what, and why you are going through the pain. With absolute Chiropractic, the team will be patient and determined to work with you to solve your back problem.

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