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Meet the Docs

Providing you with THE BEST chiropractic care

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Dr. Bradley Power [BSc, DC]*

Dr. Brad is a graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and is registered with the NZCB. He has also been serving as a board member (Treasurer) for the Alliance of Chiropractic (SG) since 2018.

He was raised in Canada where he earned his bachelor of sciences degree (biology) before continuing his studies in New Zealand. The final stop in his journey brought Dr. Brad to Singapore, where he and his wife, a local Singaporean, are raising their healthy, young family. He loves spending time with his family, traveling, and exploring the outdoors.

Driven by a commitment to service and a passion to help people live healthier lives, he has served as a chiropractor in 3 different countries. With a strong understanding of the philosophy, science, and art that comprise chiropractic, he has been successful in working with patients suffering from various conditions as well as those looking to simply maintain their good health or improve athletic performance.

With the knowledge that many of the health challenges faced today originate from an inability of the body to adapt to the stresses imposed upon it, Dr. Brad's goal is to help each patient express better health through the safe, natural approach of chiropractic care.

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Dr. Steven Holmes [DASc, DC]*

Dr. Steven’s approach to health is vitalistic. He believes strongly in the innate healing and restorative capabilities of our bodies - provided the right set of circumstances.

This way of thinking stems from an upbringing rooted in the outdoors, sports, and the ideology of his parents, who helped him to understand (from an early age) the importance of maintaining health, and the implications of disease and injuries - the limitations they place on the human body.

Having graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (2012), in his hometown of Auckland – Dr. Steven moved to Singapore in 2014 to pursue his dream of travelling and working abroad, and inadvertently ended up meeting his wife Liwen, a local Singaporean. In 2018 they welcomed their firstborn - daughter Mia, into this world.

Dr. Steven’s purpose, and genuine passion, is to help you achieve pain free lives, exceptional health, and peak physical condition through the amazing power of Chiropractic. Over the last 10 years, he has honed his Chiropractic skills and deepened his knowledge of the health and medical sciences. Years of training with paediatrics, geriatrics, sports teams, and disabled individuals has helped him to build a wide scope of expertise.

From the kampong to the executive office suite; he is here to help everyone express healthier lives – no matter their background.

*DC / Doctor of Chiropractic is a non-dental/non-medical degree

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