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First Visit - What to Expect?

Your 1st Visit: Initial Consultation


  1. Upon booking your Initial Consultation with us, new practice members are asked to fill out a health assessment form. This will help our doctors investigate your health concerns as well as learn about any past traumas or risk factors you might have.

  2. Following your Initial Consultation, the doctor will go through a comprehensive physical examination. This will include a full spinal examination, a digital postural assessment with PostureScreen, a weight distribution assessment, and any relevant orthopaedic and neurological tests. This will help the doctors determine any structural and/or functional abnormalities you may have.

  3. If deemed necessary, we may refer externally for specific digital X-rays to be taken. X-rays can be a critical tool in providing an in-depth look at the current state and alignment of the spine and pelvis. This additional information will help to determine if CBP® corrective chiropractic care will be safe and effective for your condition.

  4. At your next appointment, a one-on-one Report of Findings will follow, where the doctors will review their final assessment of your case. If X-ray analysis has been undertaken, the doctor will walk you through the results—making sure you understand exactly where the root of your problem is. If we are confident we can assist, the doctor will go over your first chiropractic adjustment and if necessary, spinal traction.

  5. After completion of the initial spinal traction & adjustment, the doctor will sit down with you and discuss our recommendations for you. You may be presented with a few options ranging from full corrective treatment to maintenance or wellness care. We will always do our best to match our Care Programs to your specific needs and goals.

We'd love the opportunity to serve you and your family.

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